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Our Learning Behaviours

Our Learning Behaviours are an important part of our curriculum at Freegrounds Junior School. 

These are the positive behaviours we want to see and develop in our students to support them to be life-long learners. 

Each Learning Behaviour is considered alongside subject-specific knowledge and skills when subject leaders and teachers plan and deliver lessons across the curriculum and they are referred to regularly in lessons. 

Students can earn Effort Marks for demonstrating our learning behaviours around the school. For example, when they have demonstrated Teamwork by co-operating with others, shown Resilience when solving problems or Reflected and learnt from their mistakes, effort marks will be awarded. All adults in school will award Effort Marks.

Each week, a member of each class is nominated for a Star of the Week certificate which is linked to one of the Learning Behaviours. 

Effort Mark Rewards 

10 Effort Marks: Headteacher's Award

30 Effort Marks: Bookmark                                     

60 Effort Marks: Extra playtime                                   

100 Effort Marks: 100 Club Badge                               

130 Effort Marks : Wristband 

As a school, we are currently working on raising the profile of Independence and Resilience in particular.

 Independence Classroom Poster