You said… So we…

We are always keen to hear from parents / carers about ways we can improve our school.

At our first Parent Focus Workshop we asked for feedback and we included ideas and suggestions you might want to make for helping us to develop our school. Although we can’t always do everything you ask, we do want to show that we are listening and responding.

This is our record of some of the things you have said to us and what we are doing about them. There will be more to follow….

You said…

You spoke to us about your concerns talking to your child about traumatic events happening around the world and in their lives.

So we …

  • Invited parents / carers to two workshops to share ways in which you can talk to your child about difficult subjects. Our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) also shared ways in which we help children to cope with stressful situations.
You would like a workshop on the curriculum – especially the methods used in maths
  •  Organised our next Parent Focus Workshop to focus on maths strategies (30.6.15)
You would like to see a wider range of opportunities for children to take responsibilities within school
  • Created a learning council of children to think about when they learn best.
  • Have established a group of Year 5 pupils and arranged for them to attend local training to become Sports Leaders for the school.
  • Worked with the School Council to develop a playground charter and to purchase playground equipment to encourage collaborative play.
  • Entered a national wildlife competition with the Eco Group and they organised a Low Waste Day.
More opportunities for parents / volunteers to be involved in school eg reading, gardening, after school activities.
  • Have advertised for helpers in our newsletter, on our notice board and locally.
  • Are planning a ‘Grandparents Open Afternoon’ to encourage them to come into the school.
Rotate Focus Workshops to be on a different evening each half term
  • Organised our planning to take this into account where we can.
Asked for us to include school logo cardigans in our uniform.
  •  Although it is too late for September we are going to be meeting with the uniform provider in the autumn term to talk about revisions to the current school uniform including a review of the range of clothing.