Vision and Values


Vision Statement 

Our vision for Freegrounds Junior School is to create a safe, inspirational learning environment, with a shared vision and values, in which everyone is respected as a learner and experiences success and where barriers to learning are identified and intervention put in place to overcome them.

Our vision is built on a culture of high expectation, a ‘can do’ approach and positive relationships, equipping all children to be lifelong learners, to go out in the wider world as happy, confident citizens who are curious and respectful.

Our aim is for all children to leave Freegrounds Junior School having a sense of pride and self-worth and well equipped to thrive in an ever changing technological world.

                                       Staff, pupils, parents and governors June 2015

We have worked together with children, staff and parents to identify our core values and what they mean to us. This list of examples is not definitive but is a guide to help us in working towards our vision.

Our Core Values are to be: What this means to us:
   Aspirational Have high expectations of ourselves and others.
Be ambitious.
Challenge ourselves and take risks in our learning.
To want the best for our community and make a positive contribution towards achieving it.
   Curious Challenge assumptions.
Think independently.
Engage in learning outside the classroom.
Ask questions.
Wonder why? Seek explanations.
Explore different options in a creative and imaginative way.
Be inspired and excited to find out more.
Be inquisitive and caring about the world in which we live.
Recognise that the world is constantly changing and develop the skills to enable us to live in an ever changing world.
   Confident Have courage to take risks in our learning and learn from mistakes.
Understand that making mistakes is a part of learning.
Embrace challenge.
Believe in ourselves and in others.
Share our achievements with others.
Trust in our ability.
Be resilient and have the confidence to persevere.
   Respectful Respect the thoughts and feelings of others.
Care for each other and for the environment.
Listen to, and value, the views and opinions of others.
Understand that everyone is unique and respect our individuality.
Show respect for people, property and the environment.
Understand the impact that our actions have on others and on the environment.
    Successful Celebrate and share achievement and success.
Be proud of our achievements.
Praise and celebrate the achievement of others.
Enjoy being successful.
Be reflective about the journey to success and learn from it.
Share success to influence others positively.
Contribute within a team to achieve success.

June 2015