At Freegrounds Junior School we believe in taking pride in all areas of school life including appearance.  This includes the wearing of a school uniform as it encourages pride in the school, a feeling of belonging and smart appearance.  School uniform should be selected from the following:

Black skirt or black tailored trousers
White polo shirt
Green school sweatshirt
Green school cardigan
Black ‘school’ shoes
Plain, dark coloured tights/socks

As above and/or
Green and White check gingham dress
Black tailored shorts

PE Uniform
The school PE uniform is considered as important to instigate and uphold as the school uniform.

Slip on Black Plimsolls
Black Shorts
White T-shirt or white polo top

Lace up Plimsolls/trainers
Black shorts
White T-shirt or white polo top
Black PE School sweatshirt (available from Skoolkit) or Green school sweatshirt/cardigan
Black plain jogging trousers

Hair styles
We realise that parents are often pressurised into allowing their children to sport ‘fashion hair cuts’.  These are not allowed at Freegrounds Junior School, nor are closely shaven heads or dyed hair.  Hair grips should be kept to a minimum, be safe and discrete.

No jewellery is allowed at school for safety reasons.
Make up, nail varnish and fake tattoos are not allowed.
Watches are allowed.

You can purchase the Freegrounds Junior School uniform from Skoolkit in Eastleigh or click on the link below.