School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

Each year we set a School Improvement Plan (SIP). This are based on academic
results, the development of classroom teaching and outcomes in books, parent/carer feedback (gathered through our parent/carer survey) and Local Authority visits. Through self-evaluation and analysis carried out by senior leaders, the school has set the
following priorities for this academic year (2022-23):

1. To refine the response to formative assessments, in order to ensure that all pupils (particularly those with the highest and lowest start points) make increased rates of progress.

2. To develop a shared expertise of metacognition in order to improve pupil resilience and attitudes to learning.

3. To enhance and enrich learning opportunities so that pupils are aware of and effectively prepared for life in modern Britain.

4. To further develop effective and purposeful lines of communication to engage with the school community and stakeholders.