School Council

School Council 

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)  Article 12 states:
“Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously”

National Young Carers Awareness Day – Thursday 25th January

This week we found out more about Young Carers and we shared information about what it means to be a Young Carer,

There are over 700 000 Young Carers currently in the United Kingdom and it is essential that they are supported and that they have time to be children and have fun as well as caring for another person. It is important that children are encouraged to tell someone if they are ever in a situation where they are caring for someone else as there is support for them that can be accessed. They can do this by talking to an adult at school, posting a note in our post box in the library or by ringing 0800 1111 – the Childline number that they all know.

Please click on the link below to see the slide show that was shared and the video clip taken from Red Nose Day. (Please note that you cannot make donations as outlined at the end of the clip as this fund raising event is now closed)

Young Carer Awareness Day

Supporting Children in Need

Once again members of the school council helped to organise and run the cake stalls for Children in Need.
We had a special assembly to think about some  of the children we were raising money for.
It was a brilliant day with SO many cakes for sale.
Altogether we gave £569.52 to Children in Need.

This year the School Council has a new link with the school in Otavi, Namibia and has organised for the red sweatshirts we used to wear to be taken there in the spring term.

The School Council and House Captains have worked with Mrs. Mira Howard to prepare a powerpoint all about the school in Otavi, Namibia and the journey of our sweatshirts.
We were really thrilled that Mrs Howard came into school to collect our letters and to talk to the the school about her trip. You can click on the link below to see the powerpoint that Kara, Max, Ruby and Mia have produced with Mrs Howard.

Click on this link to see our powerpoint Shalom School Otavi NamibiaMira Howard and pupils

Red sweatshirts 1 Red sweatshirts 2 Red sweatshirts 3 Red sweatshirts 4 Red sweatshirts 5

Other jobs this year have included the writing of a new behaviour code for our school and raising money for a play trail as part of our school grounds project. You can read all about the play trail on the F.J.S.A. page.

Our School Behaviour Code

Behaviour statements to go to classes

Selected behaviour statements

This year we are:

  • Creating a new Behaviour Code to tie in with our School Values.
  • Identifying the charities we are going to support as a school this year.
  • Deciding on fund raising activities to raise money for the Playground Project (as part of the School Grounds Project the Eco Council led last year)
  • Working with Mira Howard from the Voluntary Service Overseas to organise for the red sweatshirts to be taken to the Shalom School Otavi Namibia for the Bushman children.  mira-howard

If you would like to read more about Mira’s work with the V.S.O. please click on the link below.


The School Council takes responsibility for working with the Senior Leaders to identify and lead whole school projects throughout the year. Last term one of the School Council projects was to organise the purchase, storage and playtime charter for new school games and equipment to be used at playtimes. This was a highly successful project and has really made playtimes much more fun!