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School Improvement Plan

Each year, most schools set a school improvement plan. This plan details key areas which the school are going to focus on during the coming year. Leaders and Governors take into account a range of information when deciding these priorities; self evaluation, parental feedback, academic results and internal monitoring. 

Our school improvement plan is detailed below. If you would like any further information about this then please don't hesitate to contact the school office. 


Priority 1 – Quality of Education

To improve rates of progress for the most disadvantaged and those with SEND by ensuring that learning journeys are coherently planned and sequenced to build knowledge and skills 

(To improve learning journeys for all children, particularly the most disadvantaged and those with SEND)

1.1 To implement White Rose in order to break learning journeys into small steps and improve the security of knowledge that children acquire.

1.2 To improve the reading fluency of all children so they gain accuracy and automaticity in word reading To refine learning journeys to ensure children have the appropriate background knowledge, vocabulary and comprehension strategies to understand texts well.

1.3 To embed the use of assessment and progression documents to ensure learning journeys are appropriately pitched and sequenced

1.4 To ensure that barriers to learning are effectively removed for all children so they can engage and achieve across the foundation curriculum content


Priority 2 – Behaviour and Attitudes

To re-establish a whole school culture where behaviour, routines and expectations are implemented positively and consistently

(For the whole school community to demonstrate and role-model respect towards one another)

2.1 To refine and improve how all stakeholders (staff, children, parents, governors) uphold the school’s behaviour expectations.

2.2 To continue to embed the school’s learning behaviours, particularly ‘Resilience’ and ‘Independence’.


Priority 3 – Personal Development

To continue to enhance and enrich learning opportunities so that pupils are aware of and actively prepared for life in modern Britain

(Children develop an understanding of the role they can play in the community and society as a result of the experiences and curriculum which is in place for them)

3.1 To develop the school’s curriculum to ensure that it reflects the diversity of Britain (and not just the locality in which the school is set)

3.2 To better engage with the local community to develop children’s sense of belonging and responsibility

3.3 To enrich learning opportunities and support pupil mental health and wellbeing by utilising the school environment effectively


Priority 4 – Leadership and Management

Leaders provide effective support and development for all staff (particularly those in new roles and positions) to ensure that expectations are consistently maintained across the school and lead to improved pupil outcomes.

(Communication and support are effective and clear)

4.1 To ensure all staff in new positions receive effective and appropriate induction so that they are supported to fulfil the expectations of their role. Ensure that all staff in existing positions are clear on their roles and receive ongoing and effective support to so that they can fulfil their role and continue to develop. 

4.2 To ensure that support for middle leaders is effective so that they are able to lead and manage their teams effectively and successfully                                               

4.3 To ensure that subject leaders (including those who are new to role) are equipped in using a range of strategies to effectively lead their subject