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Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Ryan O’Hearn (DSL) – Headteacher

Vicky Davies (Deputy DSL) – Assistant Headteacher

Terri Blake - Assistant Headteacher

Sarah Robinson (Deputy DSL) – Inclusion Leader / SENCo / Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Aimee Matthews - School Business Manager 

Admin and Support Team

Dawn Belcher - Senior Admin Assistant

Karen Archer - Senior Admin Assistant

Michelle Brightwell (Deputy DSL) - Family Support Worker and Pippins Play Leader

Mick Butcher - Site Manager

Year 3 Team

Ellie Seddon - Year Leader and Elm Class Teacher

Sophie Bambrick - Ash Class Teacher

Gemma Godden - Class LSA, Key Adult, TALA and Lunchtime Nurture Room 

Rebecca Lacey - Class LSA, Key Adult and Lego Therapy 

Justine Seymour - Class LSA and Phonics 

Wendy Bhakta - Class LSA 

Year 4 Team 

Jo Scott - Year Leader and Pine Class Teacher

Bethan Cockram - Maple Class Teacher

Chloe Bellamy - Beech Class Teacher

Jenni Carpenter - Class LSA, ELSA and Senior Lunchtime supervisor

Jennifer Rust - Class LSA and Lunchtime Nurture Room

Carly Wheeler-Bailey - Class LSA and Phonics

Jane Bellows - Class LSA and Key Adult

Chloe Wellbeloved - Class LSA

Year 5 Team

Leissa Husselbee - Year Leader and Larch Class Teacher

Hollie Linham - Willow Class Teacher

Adrienne Barrett - Cedar Class Teacher

Katie Whettingsteel - Class LSA and Librarian 

Debbie Smith - Class LSA and Key Adult 

Emma-Jane Brightwell - Class LSA and Social Skills

Bella Caesar - Class LSA

Year 6 Team

Carolyn Wood - Year Leader and Juniper Class Teacher

Mike Banham - Sycamore Class Teacher

Phoebe Hedges - Hawthorn Class Teacher

Mel Cranston - Class LSA, Key Adult and SALT/OT

Sam Humphry - Class LSA and TALA

Rachel Kitcher - Class LSA and Intervention Teacher 

Kirsten Baker - Class LSA and Behaviour Support 

Additional Teachers

Rachel Parsons - Class Teacher (0.6)

Tamsin White - Class Teacher (0.2)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Sarah Gearing 

(Most of our LSAs also hold a lunchtime supervisor role)

Pippins Wrap Around Care

Michelle Brightwell - Pippins Play Leader

Nikita Arnold - Pippins Play Worker

Alice Bound - Pippins Play Worker

Emma-Jane Brightwell - Pippins Play Worker

Bella Ceasar - Pippins Play Worker

Chloe Wellbeloved - Pippins Play Worker  

Molly Butcher - Pippins Play Worker

Drew Brightwell - Pippins Play Worker

Heidi Bray - Pippins Play Worker

Matthew Bray - Pippins Play Worker

Aspens Kitchen

Alison Hathrull - Aspens Kitchen Supervisor

Jody Cooper - Aspens Kitchen Staff

Kerry Raiment - Aspens Kitchen Staff