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Music at Freegrounds Junior School is inspiring, inclusive and challenging. Through the sequential teaching of knowledge and skills, all children will be taught to sing and play a range of musical instruments as well as develop their understanding of famous composers and key vocabulary. This will equip them with the ability to compose, organise, manipulate ideas and reproduce sounds. Opportunities in music are underpinned by the school’s learning behaviours, which are effectively developed through this subject. At Freegrounds we are now following the Hampshire ‘Pathway to Musical Independence’. This will allow the children to progress in their musical knowledge, skills and vocabulary across the school.





In Music, the knowledge of key vocabulary and composers will run alongside the children having an opportunity to play a range of musical instruments. In all year groups, there will be a focus on seven key dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, and structure. These will be taught through six key areas: singing; playing; rehearsing and performing; notating; listening and responding; describing and discussing.

Whilst pupils are working, teachers use in-lesson assessment for learning to provide clear and direct feedback. In doing so, they respond and adapt their teaching as necessary for the class or individuals. Throughout lessons, teachers seize opportunities to develop pupils’ teamwork, resilience, independence, creativity, critical thinking and reflective learning behaviours. This might be through performance opportunities or through questioning within the lesson. All children will engage with music and have the opportunity to develop their performance skills throughout the topics.

Year 4 Listen 2 Me Concert