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House Captains

Meet the House Captains for 2023-2024

Hello! We have been elected by our houses to represent them as their house captains.  We attend meetings with Mrs Blake to discuss house rewards and also to organise different fundraising and charity events.  We do our best to ensure that we consistently display our school’s learning behaviours as well as our positive behaviour code.




Zach W





Our Role and Responsibilities

The House Captains lead each of our school houses. The houses are named after apples because the school was built on an apple orchard. The houses are Bramley, Winston, Russet and Empire. Each week the total number of housepoints for each house is counted and a trophy awarded to the winning house. The House Captains also organise inter-house competitions and cake sales.

We believe our job is to:

  • discuss important matters and how to lead our Houses to victory
  • encourage our Houses to earn lots of house points
  • identify and carry out fund raising activities for the school and for chosen charities
  • share our own and other pupils’ ideas with Mr O’Hearn
  • set a good example and be a good role model.

News and Updates


One of the first things that we wanted to do as House Captains, was to update the display board in the year 6 shared area.  We felt like the old display was outdated and didn’t really show us as individuals.  We met with Mr Banham to discuss our ideas and he agreed for us to take ownership of the display.  From here, with Mr Banham’s help we dedicated several lunchtimes to update the display board so that it celebrated our individuality.  We are very happy with the end result and think that it shows more of our personalities.

Earning housepoints in our school is a very serious and competitive business!  We agreed with Mr Banham that it would be a good idea to meet with the pupils from our respective houses to discuss ways in which we can earn the most housepoints – we wanted to rally our houses and promote team spirit.  We spoke about our positive behaviour code and making amazing choices, being polite and demonstrating good manners around the school, participating in the reading raffle every week and getting to 20 reads as quick as possible; we also spoke about participating in the recent Hares of Hampshire competition where each entry would earn 3 housepoints! The meeting with our houses saw a massive increase in the amount of housepoints awarded for this week and we look forward to having future meetings to further inspire our teams to earn as many housepoints as they can.