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Eco Council

Meet the Eco-Reps

Hello!  Have been elected by our classmates to be their voice in our Eco-Rep meetings throughout this year.  We meet regularly with Miss Seddon to discuss ways to improve the school grounds and promote sustainability. We are committed to helping to make our school an even better and more sustainable place to be.







Our Roles and Responsibilities

We will mainly be working with Miss Seddon throughout the year, having regular meetings, and to discussing current projects and all of the eco-friendly things we currently do as a school.

Some of our key responsibilities as Eco-Reps include:

  • Listening to the ideas and views of our classmates and sharing these clearly in our meetings
  • Feeding back information to our classmates
  • Encouraging everyone in our school – and the wider school community – to develop an awareness of how to be as eco-friendly as we can be.
  • Developing strategies and initiatives to help our commitment to recycling, energy efficiency and wildlife preservation.
  • Helping in the organising and running of eco-themed events.
  • Looking after our school grounds by completing a litter pick once every half term.

News and Updates

30 Days Wild 2023

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts' annual nature challenge to do one 'wild' thing a day every day throughout June.

Every day, we set out 'wild' activities for everyone to participate in during lunchtime. Lots of children got involved! Alongside benefiting the local wildlife, taking part in 30 Days Wild is scientifically proven to make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to nature.


Willow Domes

One of the things that we wanted to develop was an area within our grounds to provide a natural boundary to some of the woodland edges, as well as providing shaded and sheltered areas for the children to be able to read, sit together and talk. After meeting together and sharing ideas, we were busy designing a natural seating area; we shared thoughtful ideas and, as a team, helped to design our new willow dome structures. 

In November, we were incredibly fortunate to have Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust visit our school to help with building our new willow domes. At the start of the school day, we met with the HIWWT volunteers. We listened attentively to instructions and worked fantastically together to build our first willow dome! Throughout the day, each year group had an allocated time slot where they helped to construct and build a further three domes.