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Design Technology



Design and Technology at Freegrounds Junior School will provide children with an inspiring, practical and purposeful experience. Through creative and practical activities, children will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to solve real and relevant problems in a range of contexts. 

Our Design and Technology curriculum will enable every child to gain a broad range of subject knowledge, drawing upon disciplines such as Maths, Science, Computing and Art. This, alongside the embedded nature of our learning behaviours, will equip them with the ability to develop essential life skills through the subject.



Design and Technology at Freegrounds Junior School has been developed so that all children have the opportunity to build their technical knowledge in the five strands of; cooking and nutrition, construction, mechanisms, textiles and electronics and computer control, throughout their time in Key Stage 2. Children continually develop and refine their designing, making and evaluating skills throughout every DT unit. In lesson, teachers model the skills and techniques required to create a successful product, which children are then given the opportunity to practise and refine. Work produced individually or in small groups is presented creatively in their Topic book and in some projects prototypes are built. Final pieces are shared with peers or parents as part of a Fab Finish.

Project-specific vocabulary is used by the class teacher and children are encouraged to use this vocabulary both verbally and in written form to respond to and critically evaluate their own and others work.