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Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place daily at Freegrounds Junior School - either in class, year groups or as a whole school. 

Typically, we follow the following timetable: 


Themed Assembly

Whole School 
Tuesday  'No Outsiders' Assembly

In Classes

Wednesday  Singing Assembly

Whole School

Thursday  Trickbox Assembly 

In Year Groups 

Friday  Celebration Assembly

Whole School 

Our Monday 'themed' assembly follows a long-term plan. Each half term, we hold assemblies related to the following:

  • Keeping Safe
  • Being Healthy
  • Diversity 
  • Special or Significant Events
  • British Values
  • Our Learning Behaviours

Our Tuesday 'No Outsiders' assembly centres around a picture stimulus which children discuss. The pictures are from real-life stories which demonstrate positive stories of community cohesion, acts of kindness, empathy, hope, acceptance and confidence in a world filled with diversity and difference. These pictures are shared on our social media channels as a discussion point for families at home. 

 Our Thursday 'Year Group Assemblies' always include our Trickbox 'Trick of the Week' which is also shared with families at home via our social media channels. 

On Fridays, we ensure we hold a weekly Celebration collective worship to recognise the achievements and efforts of our children and reflect on our School Values.