Our Learning Behaviours


• I keep going when things get tough.

• I believe that errors and challenges are good and help me to know that I’m at the edge of my comfort zone.

• I understand that being at the edge of my comfort zone will lead me to make more progress


• I learn from and with others, by listening, encouraging and communicating.

• We might take on different roles within our group so that we can work towards a shared goal that we couldn’t achieve if we were on our own

Critical Thinking

• I ask curious and inquisitive questions to challenging what I know or what I’ve been told.

• Asking questions leads me to a deeper and better understanding.

• I am able to explain ‘why?’ because I have a good understanding


• I take charge of my own learning.

• I am self-motivated in planning what I’m going to do and when to do it.

• I know what support and resources I’ll need to succeed


• I can step back from a situation to think.

• I take time to understand how my own experiences, feelings, beliefs and attitudes influence me.

• I know that I can learn from my own feelings, experiences, beliefs and attitudes


• I am good at using my imagination and inventiveness to make something that’s new and original to me.

• I combine ideas and knowledge that I already have to help me solve problems or create something different