Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework

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Year 6 Home Learning- Fantastic Beasts

Next half term Year Six will be starting their new topic – Fantastic Beasts. This is a science topic that explores adaptation and evolution. For home learning, we have set a range of learning activities that your child could complete at home in order to help them with their understanding of these concepts or give them the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. For each task completed, each child will earn some time towards whole class reward time (up to a maximum of two minutes each).

  Learning Activity Time earned Tick once complete
1   Draw a picture of your own Fantastic Beast. You can use any medium but please include colour.   10 seconds  
2   Make a poster about Charles Darwin, Mary Anning or Alfred Wallace. 10 seconds  
3     Use presentational software to create a presentation about an animal of your choice. 10 seconds  
4   Write a song, poem or rap about a creature (real or made-up). 20 seconds  
5 Using your independence, research and draw a graph to show the growth/decline of an animal of your choice. (e.g. the decline of pandas in the wild). 20 seconds  
6 Utilising your critical thinking skills, find 3 examples of animals that have adapted to live in certain environments. Show where in the world you would find these animals, and how they’ve adapted. 20 seconds  
7 Use your creativity to create a 3D model of your own ‘Fantastic Beast’. You can use any medium to create it but try to make it detailed and original in your design. 30 seconds  
8 Create a full front page of a newspaper about the discovery of fossils at Freegrounds Junior School. 30 seconds  

Home learning activities will be shared during dedicated sharing time on Thursday 23rd January