Home access

Home Access

Using Libresoft, the School’s Library Management System, from home

To search the Library catalogue for books, renew your books or leave a book review:

Click the ‘Libresoft’ link. This will take you to the Library Management system homepage.

Next, to login, enter your barcode number (this is the number underneath the library barcode on your class list). If you do not know your library barcode number, please ask Mrs Martin.

You will be prompted to enter your library password. All pupil passwords begin ‘485ch’ and are then followed by a combination of upper case and lower case letters from your first and second name.


For example, if Mary Poppins were a pupil at Freegrounds Junior School her login details would be:

Barcode number:  2021

Password: 485chMaPo

If Harry Potter were a pupil at Freegrounds Junior School, his login details would be:

Barcode number: 2781

Password: 485chHaPo


Once you have finished using Libresoft, click ‘Logout’ at the top of the screen.


Please contact Mrs Martin if you experience any difficulties accessing Libresoft via the school office.


Here’s the link: