AcSEED Award

AcSEED Accreditation Award 2020

The AcSEED Award is a quality assurance mark presented to schools that have made a substantial effort to support the mental health of their students. It encourages and rewards the provision of high quality emotional wellbeing services, from the broad provision of information right through to appropriately targeted intervention. Based on best practices, the scheme defines a set of standard criteria that all schools must meet in order to receive the award.

Freegrounds Junior School is proud to have been re-accredited with the AcSEED award in recognition of our commitment in supporting children’s emotional and mental wellbeing. The AcSEED review team were impressed with many aspects of our provision, including:

1. Outdoor learning lead.

2. Emotional wellbeing support in response to key events (eg Covid-19).

3. Whole school focus on Emotional Wellbeing.

4. Clear evidence of wellbeing improvement initiatives, including working parties to create Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and Positive Behaviour Policy.

5. Website signposting to wellbeing resources.

6. Therapeutic story writing groups.

7. Chestnut room.

8. Friendship Mentors.

9. Increased emotional wellbeing training to all staff, and more focussed training for specific staff as/when needed.

10. Increased focus on staff wellbeing, including designated staff member.

11. INSET training focussed on wellbeing.

12. Mental Health and Wellbeing working party.