Year 6 Survivors homework

Year 6 Survivors homework

Year 6 Home Learning- ‘Survivors’

Next half term Year Six will be starting their new topic- Survivors. This is a science and geography topic which explores forces, earthquakes and volcanoes. For home learning, we have set a range of learning activities which your child should complete at home in order to help them with their understanding of forces, earthquakes and volcanoes as well as the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. Children can complete as many tasks as they wish to but we do recommend at least 2. For each task completed, each child will earn some time towards whole class reward time.

  Learning Activity Time earned Parent Initials once completed
1   Create a survival guide, which could be used to help during a natural disaster (leaflet or short film). 25 seconds  
2 Write a poem inspired by the theme of earthquakes or volcanoes. 15 seconds  
3   Investigate three famous survivors e.g. Ernest Shackleton, Ranulph Fiennes, Harrrison Okene, Chilean miners, Craig Hosking, Aron Ralston.   Write a short explanation of why they are a ‘survivor’. Decide which one is the ‘best’ and why.  20 seconds  
4   Create a time line of famous scientific discoveries relating to forces. 10 seconds  
5 Investigate five famous volcanoes or earthquakes and locate them on a world map. Write a short fact file for each. 25 seconds  
6 Create a painting/model of a volcanic eruption.   25 seconds  
Text Box: Feedback:

Home learning activities will be shared during dedicated sharing time on Thursday 19th March so all work must be in school by this date. Please bring this sheet back to school so that your teacher and peers can leave you feedback below.

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