Homework 7.2.20

Homework 7.2.20

Friday 7th February 2020

Your Spelling Rule

In accordance with the school’s spelling policy, a ‘Secret 5’ spelling test will take place on the last week of each half-term.  You will be tested on 5 random spellings taken from the last four spellings tests, so please re-familiarise yourselves with all of these words in preparation for the test. (There will be no ‘Secret 5’ test for children with personalised spellings.)

Your Spelling Words

10.1.20 – suffix ‘-ness’ or ‘-ful’

  • wishful
  • forgetful
  • painful
  • successful
  • fairness
  • fitness
  • foolishness

17.1.20 – prefixes ‘sub-’ and ‘tele-’

  • telescope
  • telephone
  • television
  • submerge
  • submarine
  • subway
  • subsoil

24.1.20 – same sound but are spelt in different ways

  • chef
  • shop
  • sure
  • mission
  • special
  • brochure
  • sugar

31.1.20 – statutory words

  • breath
  • heart
  • height
  • forwards
  • exercise
  • caught
  • certain

(All children are to learn the spellings above unless personalised spellings are written in their home school diary. Please note children with personalised spellings will be tested and issued new spellings either on Wednesday or Thursday. Personalised spellings may only be issued for a few weeks or longer depending on the needs of individual children –  we are aiming to ensure all children are making progress at a level that suits them).

Please learn spellings ready for a test on Thursday 13th February

Times tables- TT Rockstars

In school next week you will be practising the 8 n times tables. The main focus is on increasing your mental recall speed for these times tables facts.

You could also practise at home by logging on to TT Rockstars and earning coins for each times table fact you answer correctly.


You should also ensure you are reading to an adult at home, try to record this in your home school diary at least 4 times a week. If you meet the expectation of reading 4 times per week you will be entered into a weekly lucky dip to win a book which will be drawn during celebration assembly. Remember 20 reads = a house point!

Home school diaries

Home school diaries should be in school each day as they are often used to share informal messages as well as to record weekly test results and reading with an adult. We would like to remind you to please make sure home school diaries are signed by an adult each week as a way to acknowledge this information is being shared. Teachers will also sign each weekly page on a Friday.