Homework due 05.12.19

Homework due 05.12.19

Your Spelling Rule- Unusual Letter Combinations

This week’s words have unusual letter combinations. It might help to write the word out and identify the tricky part, then think of a way to remember this. You might also want to try and make some mnemonics (‘because’ = big elephants can’t always use small exits).


Your Spelling Words

  • Yacht
  • bruise
  • guarantee
  • immediately
  • vehicle
  • queue
  • language
  • eight
  • receive
  • building


Please learn your spellings ready for a test on Thursday 5th December.


Times tables- TT Rockstars

In school next week, you will be practising your 11 and 12 times tables. The main focus is on increasing your mental recall speed for these times tables facts. You can practise at home by logging on to TT Rockstars and earning coins for each times table fact you answer correctly.



You should ensure you are reading to an adult at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your home school diary. Remember, if you read four times each week, your name will be put into a lucky dip to win a prize. Also, 20 reads = one housepoint!


Home school diaries

Please make sure home school diaries are signed each week. Home school diaries should be in school each day as they are often used to share informal messages and test results will be recorded in them each week. In year five, we check and sign home school diaries each Friday.



As part of our science unit of work the children are going to be making periscopes. We are asking each child to bring a cereal box (or any box of similar size) into school by Monday 9th December. Many thanks.

The Year 5 team J