Freegrounds midnight runners

Freegrounds midnight runners

Morning parents. So last night was eventful! The children constantly kept going to the toilets up until midnight – Not sure what is amazing about them unless there is a secret PlayStation or Xbox that we do not know about. Then we were woken at 2, 3:30, 4 and then 5 – At this point we gave up trying to sleep. It’s safe to say the Tickner, Townhill and Gawthorpe trio have done an ‘all nighter,’ Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Batchelor and Miss Callaway joined in at 5am and the lovely Mrs Archer stayed sound asleep in princess land.

I will try and get some photos up today and we look forward to seeing you at 2:30pm.


Have a good day

Mr Tickner

This looks quiet – This picture gives a false Impression.