Pyjamas. These are my pyjamas

Pyjamas. These are my pyjamas

Morning all. We have woken up to a change of weather. A wet start but we hope this will move on early morning with temperatures slightly lower today.

Last night most children fell asleep really quickly although the boys were questioned about their pyjamas as they seemed to be wearing the same clothes as during the day! As it is day three we now play the game ‘who is wearing the same clothes since Friday?’  There are a few candidates to win this.

There was also one room who wanted to meet at the windows at 11pm (a conversation I heard with my teacher ears). I was disappointed when I got to the room and even though they were talking they had forgotten about meeting. I did suggest we could go night clubbing to the islands finest club. They declined unfortunately and choose the sleep option.

Breakfast this morning is bacon, hash browns served with PGL classic spaghetti – love spaghetti with my breakfast. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have a good day


Mr Tickner