Homework 7.6.19

Homework 7.6.19

Friday 7th June 2019  

If you have completed your individualised spelling lists, please learn the spellings below.

All individual spellings will be written in Home School Diaries.

Your Spelling Rule

This week’s spellings are based on statutory words from the Year 3/4 word lists set by Government that children of this age should know.

Your Spelling Words

  • T-shirts are often designed in various colours.
  • The trains were running at regular intervals.
  • Horrid Henry was sat on the naughty step.
  • The man was very particular in his choice of newspaper.

Please learn spellings ready for a test on Thursday 13th June

 Spelling homework

For spelling homework, we would like you to complete the 2 spelling challenges on your homework sheet. These will help you practice the formation of these words as they can be tricky to learn.


Please use your handwriting homework book to practise your spellings. Put the short date at the top of the page and then pick 5 of the words above that you find the trickiest and copy them out 5 times in your neatest joined handwriting.

(Individual spellers with more words, please write out your spellings 4 times)

 Times tables homework

In school next week you will be practising the 12 times tables. The main focus is on increasing your mental recall speed for these times tables facts. You could practise using Times Tables Rockstars.


You should also ensure you are reading to an adult at home at least 3 times a week and record this in your home school diary. Remember 20 reads = a house point!