Easter Homework project

Easter Homework project

Year 4 Easter Holidays Homework Project

In preparation for our topic ‘The Tudors’ after Easter, we would like you to make a fact file about a famous Tudor person. This is so each child will have some research ready to write a biography in Literacy on a person they have chosen. Ideas for people to research could be-

Any King or Queen e.g. Henry VIII, Elizabeth 1 or one of Henry’s wives.

Explorers e.g. Vasco de Gama, Frances Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan.

Others e.g. Thomas Wolsey, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe,

You will need to include important dates and places in their lives, their family, their early lives growing up, their working lives, anything they achieved or were famous for doing, their later life. It only needs to be in note form that you can understand.

So you have plenty of time to enjoy your Easter holidays as well, we don’t need this in school until Thursday 25th April.

Have a good Easter holidays.