Year 6 Homework – due in Thursday 14th March 2019

Year 6 Homework – due in Thursday 14th March 2019

My Maths 08.03.19 noun phrase Relative Clauses – crown

Homework Activities


This week you have two short SPaG activities to complete. One is about noun phrases and the other is about relative clauses.


This week your homework is on Mymaths but your teacher will give you are hard-copy of the activity if you have any trouble accessing it. It is also available to download above.

Spelling Revision

This week’s spellings are from the statutory spelling list. The spellings you need to learn are in bold below.

Sandy asked her mother to accompany her to the awards ceremony. When they arrived, they had to queue to park their car (which was a bit of a nuisance). One inside, they were immediately offered a glass of fizz. The venue was large enough to accommodate up to a thousand people and it looked as though it was going to be full tonight.

Times Tables

Please continue to use TTRS to improve your recall of multiplication facts.


Please continue to read as much as you can at home (both to yourself and to an adult).  Ask an adult to record when you have read something aloud. 20 ‘Read Alouds’ will earn you a housepoint!

Please return all homework by Thursday 14th March 2019 and learn your spellings ready for a test on Thursday 14th