Year 6 Homework – Due in Thursday 7th March 2019

Year 6 Homework – Due in Thursday 7th March 2019

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Poetry Reading Revision Fiction Reading Revision Mat My Maths 01.03.19

Homework Activities


This week you have three short reading extracts to read and answer questions about. The revision mat guidance will help you to see which skill is need to answer each question. Please keep this guidance safe as you will need it again later in the half term.


This week your homework is place value revision. It is on Mymaths but your teacher will give you are hard-copy of the activity if you have any trouble accessing it. It is also available to download above.

Spelling Revision

This week’s spellings are words with silent letters in them. The spellings you need to learn are in bold below.

There was no doubt that Ed Sheeran was a great musician. His guitar playing skills are better than any other. He has ha a knack for song writing and always plays music with a good rhythm.  Anyone listening would agree.

Times Tables

Please continue to use TTRS to improve your recall of multiplication facts.


Please continue to read as much as you can at home (both to yourself and to an adult).  Ask an adult to record when you have read something aloud. 20 ‘Read Alouds’ will earn you a housepoint!

Please return all homework by Thursday 7th March 2019 and learn your spellings ready for a test on Thursday 7th March 2019.