Year 3 Home Learning Project- Don Quixote

Year 3 Home Learning Project- Don Quixote

Home Learning Project

Due: Tuesday 26th February

Next half term, our topic will be Don Quixote. During the topic we will be studying Spain as part of our geography learning and studying the Spanish story of Don Quixote in Literacy.

For your Home Learning Project we would like you to do a little bit of research about Spain and bring it into school to share. Ideas might include; labelling a map of Spain, making a fact sheet about an aspect of Spanish life or an area of Spain, drawing a suitcase and all the things you would take to Spain, make a model of a flamenco dancer, make a presentation about a trip to Spain you have been on or make a quiz about Spain. There are so many ideas. We look forward to seeing your Home Learning project on Tuesday 26th February.

Stunning Starter

Due: Thursday 28th February

To make the start of our Don Quixote topic even more exciting we will be having a stunning starter day on Thursday 28th February. On this day we are inviting you to come to school in red and yellow (the colours of the Spanish flag) or dressed in Spanish or holiday themed clothing. During this day we will take part in a range of Spanish themed activities including food tasting and art. We look forward to seeing you dressed up on this day!

Small Boxes and Tubes

As part of our art work next half term, we will require some small cardboard boxes and tubes. Please could you collect things like; toothpaste boxes, stock cube boxes, kitchen roll tubes and small cereal boxes. Your class teacher will collect them and we will use them for some art work during next half term. Thank you in advance for collecting them.