Year 5 Homework Due Thursday 14th February

Year 5 Homework Due Thursday 14th February


Please complete the 15 minute arithmetic test given to you by your teacher. Don’t forget to ask your teacher before Thursday if you need any help.



Please use your handwriting homework book to practise your spellings. Put the short date at the top of the page and then write each of the words below in your neatest joined handwriting.


Your Spelling Rule

In accordance with the school’s spelling policy, a ‘Secret 4’ spelling test will take place on the last week of each half-term. You will be tested on 4 random spellings taken from this half terms spelling tests, so please re-familiarise yourselves with all of these words in preparation for the test. You will receive one housepoint for each spelling you get correct.

Your Spelling Words in sentences


Apostrophes for possession:

  • The children’s party started in the evening.
  • In the final competition, Chris’ moves were fantastic.
  • The girl’s coat was ruined when she fell into a puddle.
  • Do you know where Elizabeth’s car keys are?
  • The tigers’ eyes glowed in the dark.

-ible and -able:

  • The chemical reaction was a reversible change.
  • The breakable package was identifiable by the bubble wrap used.
  • After the teacher said his handwriting was legible, the pupil felt invincible.


  • He led the dog away from the pencil lead.
  • The bridal party walked to the altar.
  • The rider stopped to alter the horse’s bridle.
  • Please do not steal the steel cutlery.
  • The safety officer gave her assent to the ascent of the mountain.


Statutory words:

  • In geography field work, photographs are often used to help researchers find out about a location.
  • The telegraph contained an opening paragraph explaining its purpose.
  • Excited to see her favourite singer, Miss Gawthorpe forgot to ask for his autograph.


Please learn your spellings ready for a test on Thursday 14th February.


Times tables- TT Rockstars

In school next week you will be practising your 8 and 9 times tables. The main focus is on increasing your mental recall speed for these times tables facts. You can practise at home by logging on to TT Rockstars and earning coins for each times table fact you answer correctly.



You should ensure you are reading to an adult at home at least 3 times a week and record this in your home school diary. Remember 20 reads = one housepoint!


Home school diaries

Please make sure home school diaries are signed each week. Home school diaries should be in school each day as they are often used to share informal messages and test results will be recorded in them each week.