Homework 8.2.19

Homework 8.2.19

Friday 8th February 2019

If you have completed your individualised spelling lists, please learn the spellings below.

All individual spellings will be written in Home School Diaries. Individual spellers do not need to prepare for a secret est.

Your Spelling Rule

In accordance with the school’s spelling policy, a ‘Secret 5’ spelling test will take place on the last week of each half-term. You will be tested on 5 random spellings taken from the last five spellings tests, so please re-familiarise yourselves with all of these words in preparation for the test.


Your Spelling Words

W/B 14.1.19

  • Music lessons were his favourite, he learnt the guitar.
  • The travel guide was a useful purchase.
  • ‘Don’t just guess, make a valid prediction,’ instructed the teacher.
  • The solider stood guard at the castle entrance.
  • There was no guarantee that Hiccup’s plan would work.

W/B 21.1.19

  • The cake mixture was ready for the oven.
  • “We are writing an Anglo Saxon adventure story,” explained the teacher.
  • Our school nature trail is a home to wildlife.
  • Sam painted a colourful picture.
  • A rainforest has a lot of moisture in the air.


W/B 28.1.19

  • His favourite ball went missing, so he bawled his eyes out.
  • Have you seen the mess in his room?
  • It was a happy scene outside the window.
  • The male toilets are on the left.
  • I put the letter in the mail so it will arrive on Friday.

W/B 4.2.19

  • Is it possible to make an appointment for Thursday?
  • The surprise party is this Friday.
  • He had already checked his tyre pressure on Sunday.
  • She thought the game had changed to Saturday.
  • A notice was handed out on Wednesday about the cake sale.



Please learn spellings ready for a test on Thursday 14th February



Please use your handwriting homework book to practise your spellings. Put the short date at the top of the page and then pick 5 of the words above that you find the trickiest and copy them out 5 times in your neatest joined handwriting.

(Individual spellers with more words, please write out your spellings 4 times)


Times tables- TT Rockstars

In school next week you will be practising the 3 times tables. The main focus is on increasing your mental recall speed for these times tables facts. As a way to help you learn the 3 times tables, we would like you complete ‘Fortune Teller’ activity sheet stuck in your times table homework book.



You should also ensure you are reading to an adult at home at least 3 times a week and record this in your home school diary. Remember 20 reads = a house point!